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    World conference on robots, see how I "international marina" strong-arm reaction!
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    On November 23, 2015 world conference on robots to open at Beijing national convention center, is currently the robot industry the highest level, the most authoritative high-end event.Xi jinping congratulatory message, li instructions.More than 200 experts and scholars from all over the world, 12 international robot mechanism, scientific research institutions and universities, 209 world famous corporations and 145 youth team to attend.

    Today is the last day of the world conference on the robot, in the three days of the conference, the "robot" at the conference, added infinite sense of the "future" for the scene.In hundreds of robot at home and abroad enterprises, there is a from hi-tech zone (binjiang) of the enterprise, it shows the world focus on the latest scientific research achievements in the field of robot, application products and solutions, it is the hi-tech zone (binjiang) zhejiang countries since the robot technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: since).

    countriesSince robot, appearance in the world

    An important part of the world conference on robot - China international exhibition on underground pipeline and the urban underground pipeline census, underground pipe rack and sponge urban construction experience exchange meeting to cause the attention of the world.

    Friends all know, with the speeding up of city's development over the years, the underground pipeline construction scale is insufficient, some cities have heavy rain waterlogging, pipeline leak explosion, road surface collapse, such as events, seriously affects the safety of people's lives and property.

    Countries since according to the social needs, developed a variety of pipeline inspection robot, has been in the field of more underground pipeline to provide users with customized solution as a whole.During the fair a few experts, institutions and units showed great interest to countries since the robot.

    Countries since based on a control group

    Countries since the original is a control group of a unit of central research institute, and grown up within a hatch of entrepreneurial companies, with the strength of control in the field of automation, countries since the start of leading peers.

    Control group was established in 2011, postdoctoral workstation, established in 2012, academician workstation."Dinner" the kingdom of self mastery of intelligent mobile robot must omni-directional motion mechanism and planning control, the unknown environment since the location and map building, robots autonomous navigation, based on visual target quickly identify and locate and a series of international advanced technology, a robot overall technical architecture of the company.

    42 countries from the cumulative patent, the software copyright 12, the first prize in zhejiang province scientific and technological progress, the development of intelligent inspection robot, the robot KYN switchgear has won the domestic first sets of major technical equipment.

    Countries from already become the main supplier state grid

    Countries since, with its main suppliers inspection robot has become a national power grid, in the field of intelligent manufacturing, since countries also formed the core competitiveness, positive response "machine substitution" policy, zhejiang province, became the "substitution" machine advantage service enterprises.

    In the context of "machine substitution", the company is expected in the next 3 to 5 years, 10 $value of the breakthrough, in the next 2-3 years to become China's largest supplier of mobile robot.Believe that the future of the company since will become a diversified robot.

    southJiang robot, from behind

    In the hi-tech zone (binjiang), in addition to the country since the robot, a "rising star"!It is very young, was founded in 2014, but its development is strong, it is hangzhou nanjiang robot co., LTD.

    Using machine intelligence to change the world

    "Using machine intelligence to change the world" is the mission of nanjiang robot, the main research and development and sales promotion of intelligent robot and its application products.In less than a year, nanjiang robot has been successfully developed intelligent mobile robot, intelligent service robot, and small soccer robots have been mass production.

    Intelligent mobile robot has application in huawei south factory;Intelligent service robot has been in the hotel (kaiyuan hotel), international conference (west lake expo, the UN women's agency, international conference), restaurants (Taiwan three 3 flower sister family restaurant), such as real estate (family) is widely used;Small soccer robot has into nearly twenty famous schools in zhejiang province, used for robot teaching, and to become "the first middle school students in zhejiang province robot soccer competition" specify the use of the product.

    Presided over the 17th west lake expo opening

    Intelligent robot + strategy is gradually in the 3 c manufacturing, electrical business logistics, hotel, real estate industry, open up the robot's blue ocean market.Using machine intelligence to change the world, nanjiang robot is to change the world for its series of intelligent robot products.

    Goal to become China's leading, world class---southjinag

    Nanjiang robot work closely with zhejiang university, set up - the nanjiang intelligent robot research center of zhejiang university, zhejiang university in the field of intelligent robot was fully leading international and domestic research achievements and talent accumulation, investment, intelligent robot and its application product of industrialization.

    S - the nanjiang robot, zhejiang university united RoboCup2015

    Nanjiang robot in the next 10 years of development goals is to become China's leading, world-class intelligent robot group.The ultimate vision of nanjiang robot is achieved by machine intelligence human soul and the thought of eternal life.

    kangAwake, 1 top 30

    In December 2014, sponsored by the zhejiang province by the letter committee (hangzhou) photovoltaic industry in zhejiang province "machine substitution site communication meeting", Kang Fenwei was listed in "machine substitution" engineering services company in zhejiang province.

    In December 2014, sponsored by the zhejiang province by the letter committee (hangzhou) photovoltaic industry in zhejiang province "machine substitution site communication meeting", Kang Fenwei was listed in "machine substitution" engineering services company in zhejiang province.

    Kang Fenwei automatic series welding machine equipment of the equipment manufacturing industry in zhejiang province was identified as key areas first (set) product.Seems to be the full force of a "big guy", however, its production capacity is strong, can infrared welding 2000 photovoltaic cells pills per hour, one can work top 30 people.

    Focus on robots Kang Fenwei equipment production, have active help in zhejiang this wave of rings in the "machine substitution" development projects, get opportunities and greater support.Committee, deputy director of zhejiang province by the letter lingyun said, as a key industry to promote work, zhejiang province, zhejiang province, fiscal year will be arranged 200 million yuan of special funds, to support local businesses "substitution" machine work.

    marinaJiang robot, promising

    From binjiang reform bureau is given a set of data, we also found that the hi-tech zone (binjiang) electronic, DE source intelligence, ding ding ju control, cloud songs such as robot company of science and technology of information and the k2.In the first three quarters of this year, hi-tech zone (binjiang) robot industry high growth of 111.0%, growth is strong.

    Countries, for example, the robot, 1 - September Kang Fenwei advocate business wu income rose by 338.1% and 37.7%, respectively.As robots industry policy and the implementation of the important measures, such as machine substitution and the development trend of the industry from the traditional to intelligence, in the long run the industry development.

    "International marina" words

    Xi jinping in a letter to the world of robot assembly, pointed out that with the fusion, informationization, industrialization represented by robot science and technology of intelligent industry booming, become an important symbol of modem science and technology innovation.China will robots and intelligent manufacturing into the priority field of national science and technology innovation.Li also pointed out in the instructions, China is implementing the innovation driven development strategy, vigorously promote the entrepreneurship, innovation and "Internet +", "made in China 2025", the robot will strongly promote the growth of emerging industries, to create the world's largest market.

    From 2009 to 2014, China's industrial robot market sales growth at an average annual rate of 58.9%, in the next five to 10 years, China will robot industry high-speed development.Is expected during the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", industrial robot market demand will reach 150000 units, has about 800000 units.

    It seems that hi-tech zone (binjiang) robot industry promising future!