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    Once,the"Machine substitution" do business in North America
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    ConfirmWare head Ren Tianting

    Automatic welding machine

    Reporter Yang Yinghui
    Hi tech Zone (Binjiang), Song Jieli Yu Xiaoping
    Four two dial a thousand pounds.
    In order to describe located in hi tech Zone (Binjiang) of ConfirmWare Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ConfirmWare), is very appropriate. In the industrial automation industry gradually emerging local enterprises in this, in recent years in the name of "machine substitutions, wantonly" to enter the photovoltaic industry, in Yangtze River Delta land, far from du Canada ocean.
    In the past, such a machine to export to the developed countries, the sale, some incredible. But the palm door person of ConfirmWare Ren Tianting don't believe this evil, sitting on the 10 patents of he, but for now, think of products are exported to North America, is a very easy thing.
    With ten years of technical preparation and R & D accumulation in the transformation of machine substitutions escalation era, ConfirmWare coincides with the meantime ushered in the golden period of development.
    The machine substitutions, 1 top 30!
    Reclaimer, welding, cutting...... 6 meters long, 2 meters wide, 2 meters high and meters of automatic welding machine, it looks like a knot of solid real big guy, but it is a very strong production capacity, each hour can be infrared welding 2000 pieces of photovoltaic cells.
    Ren Tianting to we calculated brushstroke artificial account, this machine can probably replace 30 person at work, "the photovoltaic industry is rather special, a group of workers often work 10 hours, or 12 hours, now many PV enterprises monthly staff turnover rate is very high, in the 10% the left and right, that is to say, a year after May the whole production line workers, basically changed again. Therefore, there is an urgent need intelligent machines to replace the man doesn't want to do things."
    In recent years, this kind of "labor shortage" from the developed coastal areas, has begun to spread to all the emerging technology industry. While ConfirmWare this plan, it is an important step in solving the difficult problem of employment. In December last year by the Zhejiang Provincial Commission by letter sponsored "Zhejiang (Hangzhou) photovoltaic industry 'machine substitution' exchange site", ConfirmWare was included in the roster, Zhejiang Province machine substitution engineering services company.
    Zhejiang Province Lingyun, deputy director said that as a key industry in Zhejiang Province to promote the work, Zhejiang provincial fiscal year will arrange 2 million yuan of special funds, used to support the work of the machine substitutions of local enterprises.
    50 machines, sold about 75000000 yuan!

    ConfirmWare now the flagship of the automatic welding machine series, priced at 1500000 yuan, Ren Tianting think the price is not very expensive.
    "To 5000 yuan per person per month, a machine can replace 30 people, one year down, the province of labor costs nearly 2000000 yuan. Procurement of machinery and equipment investment, equivalent to a year will be able to return to this, the most critical point, which is more than before the machine imported from abroad, has been much cheaper, we take the advantage of independent innovation, the foreign machine, block outside the customs."
    In machine substitution "this thing, ConfirmWare also implements the strategy of going out," this year, we have the first automatic on machine sold to Canada, the American products in the local price is $30 million, we is $27 million, the price is not much difference, "Ren Tianting said." so we are proud of one thing, equal to the US advanced manufacturing, to fight back to Europe and the United States. "
    These advanced equipment manufacturing industry in the world, called the ring, the first in Zhejiang to support. ConfirmWare once in the last year was recognized as the equipment first (set) products -- what is the first (set)? Equipment manufacturing industry's first (set) products must be the first, with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands, representing the leading level of equipment manufacturing industry.
    By virtue of this, ConfirmWare sold last year 50 machines, sales income of more than 75 million yuan, and this year the figure, is expected to in billion yuan of above.
    10 years in Binjiang, will continue to
    Graduated from Tsinghua University, students at Clarkson University in the United States, either Tianting almost the home most of the time, are placed in the high tech Zone (Binjiang), and count down, he in this place, has been pioneering for as long as 10 years. "And Hangzhou hi tech Zone (Binjiang) is a good place to start, now there is a word called North off, South Nanshan, the middle is Hangzhou, high-tech zones in this place, Alibaba, Hikvision, China, Huawei is a entrepreneurial paradise, atmosphere is very strong."
    In fact, focus on robotic equipment manufacturing of ConfirmWare has in Zhejiang this wave active help LAN machine substitutions development engineering, era of opportunities and greater support.
    At the local government level, Hangzhou in further promote "four three" project put forward clearly, to machine substitutions as the technological transformation of enterprises to promote effective investment, optimizing the industrial structure, promote the transformation and upgrading of an important starting point. And has issued the "Hangzhou city to carry out machine substitution" three years action plan "and" on issuing machine substitution program of work notice "the implementation of Hangzhou City in 2014," on Further Doing a good job in grasping the project to expand investment to accelerate the substitute of the machine work notice, "and other documents.
    In June 9th last year, the national president Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Congress, said the robot revolution is expected to become a starting point for the third industrial revolution and important growth point, will affect the global manufacturing pattern, not only to improve the level of our robot, and to occupy the market as much as possible".
    The highest expression of the will of the state, the implementation to local governments and between enterprises is force to seek weighty in the round machine substitution process, gleaned nectar.?